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Want to retain your top talent?

Make work compatible with parenting.

Download your free line managers toolkit

Used by hundreds of leaders to empower their returning talent back from parental leave.

'' An insightful and practical resource - a must have for any proactive leader wanting to provide an exceptional employee experience. ''

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As an employer, you know the success of your business depends on your people. Happy, supported and focussed employees are conducive to a thriving business.


Take care of employee wellbeing and you’ll experience a positive and measurable impact on talent retention (and profits).

With the cost of replacing lost talent reaching £30,000 support for parental returners is quickly becoming a business necessity.

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Disengaged employees affect team morale, leading to a decline in productivity and overall effectiveness.


To prevent the domino effect you need engaged and satisfied returners to maintain the profitable flow of your business.

At Work Life Mother, we’ll help you implement an inclusive culture to support parents in a way that benefits them, you, and your organisation.

By partnering with us, you will:

Empower your returners and inspire high-quality work

We make the journey back into the workforce seamless for parents through innovative and modern coaching solutions.

Our work involves 1:1 coaching sessions, customised training, and in-depth workshops. With our transformational and methodical coaching, you can expect tangible results.

Receive a bespoke and customisable experience

Your business is unique.

At Work Life Mother, we engineer coaching solutions around your goals and adapt to your cultural needs. 

Agile and experienced at tailoring solutions, we’ll support your business in a way that works for you.

Establish a progressive culture and attract top talent

As well as securing existing talent, embedding inclusive practices will attract new talent to your company.

Research shows millennials prioritise inclusion in their job search – and they’re set to make up 75 percent of the workforce by 2025.

Shift your returners from…

Disengaged and dissatisfied                                 

The edge of burnout                                              

Overstretched and overwhelmed                         

Battling for balance                                               

Loyal and engaged

Energised and motivated                                              

Focussed and productive


Successfully managing home and work

Ready to help your returners thrive at work?

It is the type of support you want to ensure you have available to your employees at a time where their lives are redefined personally and their outlook in life, career and in the type of growth they want to achieve with your organisation could change drastically.

Nisha, Software Development Lead, Planet

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Mother Working from Home

Exploring further

Need detailed information to present to your team?


Read more about our coaching and training options by downloading our prospectus.

Why not take steps to support your returners now?


For smart and effective solutions you can implement today, download our free line managers’ toolkit. Begin the valuable and necessary work to improve returners’ experiences straight away.

Hear from the founder, Lizzie

It was really easy to work with Lizzie and she was extremely reliable. The coaching experience was valuable for the Individuals. 

Anne, Head of HR, HPD Lendscape

Great initiative, please grow it.

Returning Parents ERG, Google

WLM is the perfect partner to work with on your journey to improving your organisational culture as well as providing a creative space for individuals to reflect and inevitably bring their best selves to work.

Rachel, HR consultant, Glencar Construction

Lizzie’s coaching has given me the confidence to grow both professionally and personally.

Monica, Global Programme Director, HSBC 

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