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5 mistakes we make when we are stressed, and how to avoid them

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

Any transition in your life or career brings change and uncertainty. And repeated uncertainty can lead to long periods of anxiety and stress.

When we are feeling stressed, overwhelmed and as though burnout is knocking at the door there are ways in which we can manage our reactions and feelings, so that we can avoid making the mistakes that leave us even more exhausted and snappy by the end of the day.


Here are the 5 mistakes that frequently pop up in client work that are a signal that you need to stop what you are doing, and change how you are responding to the challenges you face.


1. You think you don't have time for yourself:

Do something to help yourself immediately, even if it is just for 10 minutes. This could be speaking to a friend, moving your body or booking a hair appointment.

2. You think you need to be 'ON' all of the time:

Allow yourself to switch off from constantly doing and thinking about the to do list. Go for a walk, have a shower or colour a picture and see what creative solutions emerge when you are allowing your unconscious mind to breathe.

3. You view your feelings of stress and overwhelm as a weakness:

Replace the self critique with kinder self talk.

4. You withdraw from your much needed support system:

Find ways to connect with the people who give you energy and positivity, even when you have limited energy.

5. You default to your usual defence approaches:

Be aware of your default reactions to stress - this could be comfort eating, staying up late, drinking or perfectionism. Try new things to stay flexible in your approach to problem solving.

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