How to set healthy boundaries as a working parent that really work

Updated: Sep 29

When you return to work, setting boundaries will be necessary. They’re the backbone of all healthy relationships. That doesn’t mean they come easily, though. For many of us, setting boundaries feels uncomfortable. We feel guilty and scared when we assert our needs.

Boundaries are guidelines and limits that let other people know how to behave around you. Our boundaries are all going to look different to one another.

Our boundaries are important because our ability to thrive is directly linked to our boundaries, they are crucial for building healthy relationships and protecting our time and energy.

Often there are obstacles that get in the way of setting effective boundaries, these may be:

  • the need to please others

  • the belief that boundaries will impact how people perceive us – perhaps as demanding or needy

  • not knowing what our boundaries are

  • or the discomfort when it comes to communicating our boundaries.