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How to stay motivated and keep your team motivated during a global pandemic

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

Normally as we navigate January we are full of New Year intentions and optimism for the year ahead. Yet for 2021 many are feeling more de-motivated than ever as we encounter the 3rd lockdown in the UK and working parents continue with the demand of working from home and home schooling their primary and secondary aged children

This lack of motivation and optimism not only risks burnout and mental health for workers but leading disengaged teams will have lasting effects on team performance, productivity and business results.

In a 2018 study from global employee engagement company Reward Gateway showed the top 3 de-motivators of the workplace are:

- lack of recognition,

- feeling invisible or undervalued,

- bad managers

The effects that being unmotivated has on employees were listed as

· A decline in mood (62 percent)

· A reduction in productivity (46 percent)

· A decline in mental health (45 percent)

· A reduction in quality of work (37 percent)

· That their diet suffers (29 percent)

With nearly 70 percent of those surveyed saying their employers could do more to motivate them

So what can you do to help motivate your teams to ensure that they feel supported and drive performance, morale and results forwards?

1 - Find time for team building.

Aim to create positive team cultures. Building good working relationships through team working helps individuals to feel motivated to do great work.

2 - Focus on feedback

Make time to appraise hard work and good results. Step away from the constant ‘doing’ and make time for feedback and appreciation. When giving feedback make sure it is specific to the individual and not a generic ‘thank you for your hard work’.

3 - Follow the lead of your employees

Ask your teams what they need. Everyone is different so don’t assume that others want to be treated the way you want to be treated. Listen to what is said and adapt plans and strategies accordingly.

If you are an individual reading this and you want to do more to stay motivated then don’t wait for someone to do it for you

1 – Arrange a 1-1 with your line manager

Ask for what you need to do your job well. Use this time to reconnect with what gives you meaning at work and what you would like to work on.

2 - Ask for some strengths based feedback from a colleague

Ask questions like when have you seen me at my best? Where have I added value for you? How do I make an impact?

3 - Acknowledge your need for human connection

Reach out to your colleagues on a 1-1 basis and set up a more informal ‘coffee break’ catch up. Connect on a more personal level.

4 - Audit your working day

aim to gain more control over your tasks. How many things are you doing on a daily basis that do not play to your strengths? Can you ditch or delegate any of them so that you are optimising your time with things that give you energy?

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