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1-1  coaching to accelerate your return to the workforce after an extended break

76% of professional women on career breaks want to return to work

- PWC 

Are you a professional woman thinking about going back to work at a job you love after an extended break? or considering a pivot? You might be feeling like your career advancement has stalled since having children.


Perhaps you think that you will never be able to find meaningful yet challenging work that allows you to grow and flourish as the motivated individual that you are.

What if you knew you could;

  • find meaningful work that makes you happy and satisfied

  • return to work at a company that values your skills and experience

  • overcome the procrastination that has been keeping you stuck and unhappy

  • find the confidence to go for a role which maximises the use of your skills and strengths 

  • find a life-career balance that really works for you

  • regain confidence in your professional abilities

  • start blending professional goals back into your life and contribute to your financial needs


RELAUNCH is a coaching programme designed to help you take charge of the next stage of your career and find a role which aligns with your strengths, values and ideal lifestyle. 

RELAUNCH is for you if you have:

  • taken an extended period of time (18+ months) to invest in and raise your family and are now ready to re-ignite your career

  • recently entered a new stage in your life - perhaps your children are all in school for the first time, or you’ve completed a course or study - and you now have time to reclaim control of your professional growth

  • been considering a change in direction or perhaps want to find work satisfaction in a new industry

  • been thinking about returning to work for some time and now you are ready to take action and make the change happen

Women Colleagues

I will work with you over 3 or 6 months to help you build confidence and move towards your next career opportunity. 


Our coaching relationship will be unique and bespoke for your individual needs, but you can expect our sessions to cover:


  • Clarifying your career vision

  • Defining your ideal work-life integration

  • Reconnecting with your professional identity

  • Articulating your full value - skills and strengths

  • Gaining insights on which roles and environments will give you fulfilment

  • Re-building an effective network

  • Creating your career roadmap, including action steps and accountability measures 

  • Building your confidence and resilience as you navigate and embrace change


''Lizzie’s ability to think outside the box and ask powerful questions makes her such an incredible coach. She has been an integral part of my growth and success as I step into a new role.''

Ashley, Executive Assistant


I don't have any time for myself (and can only meet in the evening or at weekends)


Finding uninterrupted time when you have active children can be hard which is why I have evening and weekend appointments available so that you can focus on yourself without any distractions.


I can't afford to invest in coaching


I understand that price is an important consideration and coaching can appear expensive. What most of my clients find is that the benefits of improving inner confidence and career happiness far outweigh the cost of a new suit or fancy meal.


I also offer 3 month payment plans to help spread the investment. 


I’m not sure I really need to work with a coach


One of the greatest benefits of coaching is that you are able to achieve your goals faster and more confidently than going it alone. I will encourage and support you to take action and to be courageous in moving forwards with the progress you desire. 

How does it work & what's the investment? 

4 sessions and 3 months of email support £600 (incl VAT)

8 sessions and 6 months of email support £1080 (incl VAT)

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