Are you a forward-thinking organisation looking for ways to retain and engage your valuable talent returning from parental leave?

Do you have an equal gender balance at some levels of your organisation but fewer women in the top ranks? 

Is your employee-attrition rate higher than it should be? Is the cost of turnover negatively impacting your P and L?

Retain your talent


Retain and engage your valuable talent returning from parental leave 

The story in numbers 


Only 1 in 5 women felt confident on their return to work (People management 2018)


60% of mothers have changed jobs after maternity leave (Women In The City) and over 30% of dads (Daddilife)


The average cost of replacing an employee is £30,000 (Oxford Economics via ACAS)


Engaged employees are 17% more productive (Gallup)


Career progression is the number 1 priority for millennials when attracted to an employer (PWC)

Taking Notes


The Retain and Engage Coaching Programme addresses the practical and psychological challenges faced by professionals re-entering the workforce after a period of parental leave.

The programme has been developed based on:

  • my experience of supporting returners, having worked with many career returners from the start of their return-to-work journey to the point at which they have successfully transitioned back into the workforce
  • my in-depth understanding of human behaviour and coaching

  • my knowledge and experience of working in a number of senior leadership roles and engaging large diverse teams



The coaching is provided on a one-to-one basis for senior managers, directors and partners. It can also be delivered in group workshops for more junior employees.  

All of the content can be designed to ensure the delivery of the programme is in line with your corporate values and goals, and that any materials reflect your company branding. 

Companies that have introduced maternity returner programmes have seen significant ROI ​

  • Ernst and Young female retention rates after maternity leave increased to 94% saving 16.6m in attrition costs

  • Marks and Spencer over 40% senior positions in the UK are now filled by high performing women – increased through maternity returner coaching


  • Reduce unwanted turnover

  • Improve and invest in your D&I

  • Increase employee engagement and business performance

  • Improve your female talent pipeline

  • Develop your competitive advantage as an employer of choice

  • Help tackle the gender pay gap

About Lizzie Martin.


I'm an Accredited Executive Coach and Mentor and work with organisations helping them to retain their talent and have happier more productive employees through my return to work coaching programme.

How it works

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Pregnancy, maternity leave and the first few years as a working parent are all challenging. But they are a small pinch point of a career that could span 40 years or more. Investing time and focus in supporting your employees to navigate this process has huge long term benefits.

By partnering with me and introducing a parental transition programme we will aim to retain your valuable talent, increase productivity and improve your female talent pipeline. 


Download the prospectus, book a call with me and we can discuss your requirements then answer any questions and I'll be able to send you a detailed proposal customised to your needs.

Retain your talent. Retain your edge. 

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