1-1 and group coaching for your new and expectant parents experiencing Maternity, Paternity, Adoption and Surrogacy leave. 

Retain your talent

1-1 and group coaching for your new and expectant parents 


The story in numbers 


Only 1 in 5 women felt confident on their return to work (People management 2018)


60% of mothers have changed jobs after maternity leave (Women In The City) and over 30% of dads (Daddilife)


The average cost of replacing an employee is £30,000 (Oxford Economics via ACAS)


Engaged employees are 17% more productive (Gallup)


Career progression is the number 1 priority for millennials when attracted to an employer (PWC)

70% of women who have experienced career disruptions as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic are concerned their growth may be limited as a result (Deloitte)

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1-1 coaching approach

Returner coaching addresses the practical and psychological challenges faced by professionals re-entering the workforce after a period of parental leave. Common themes include rebuilding confidence, managing change and uncertainty, personal effectiveness and wellbeing. 

How it works :

  • Your employee will be able to choose their preferred coach from a shortlist of parental transition coaches. 
  • Sessions will be held virtually or in person (may incur additional costs)
  • Returners normally have 3- 6 sessions ideally starting before their parental leave commences.


How returner coaching helps your employees:

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Group Coaching Approach

Run as cohorts or drop in sessions of up to 12 employees to support the 3 stages of parental leave.

  • Preparing for leave

  • Empowered returns

  • Future focus 

Perfect for larger organisations or those looking to build safe collaborative spaces for their valuable talent to problem solve and share experiences. 

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Companies that have introduced maternity returner programmes have seen significant ROI ​

  • Ernst and Young female retention rates after maternity leave increased to 94% saving 16.6m in attrition costs

  • Marks and Spencer over 40% senior positions in the UK are now filled by high performing women – increased through maternity returner coaching


  • Reduce unwanted turnover

  • Improve and invest in your D&I

  • Increase employee engagement and business performance

  • Improve your female talent pipeline

  • Develop your competitive advantage as an employer of choice

  • Help tackle the gender pay gap


Lizzie Martin, PCC

and associates


Coaching is delivered by Accredited Professional Leadership Coach Lizzie Martin or an approved associate coach with full ICF accreditation. 

How it works


Book a call to discuss your needs


I will send you a detailed proposal


Implement returners coaching programme


I have been coaching returners at each stage of their parental transition for 5+ years and have in depth knowledge and experience to help individuals overcome the challenges facing new and expectant parents. 

My support is suitable for your organisation whether you have 1 employee to invest in, or dozens. I have a team of experienced associate coaches from a range of corporate backgrounds, all with ICF qualifications, to enable your returning parents to thrive. 

By partnering with me and introducing a parental transition programme we will aim to retain and engage your valuable talent, increase productivity and improve your female talent pipeline.