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1-1 coaching for an empowered return to work after parental leave

50% of women have cited their return to work as a pinch point in their careers.

Are you an organisation looking to support your employees as they return to work after parental leave? Do you want to ensure a seamless transition for your valued team members, allowing them to come back with confidence and professional impact? Are you committed to fostering a supportive work environment for working parents?


What if you could:

  • Provide your employees with a structured plan for re-entering the workplace after parental leave, minimising disruptions to both their professional and personal lives

  • Help your employees regain momentum in their careers while balancing their family responsibilities

  • Support your employees in re-establishing their professional identities and ambitions post-parental leave

RETURN is a coaching programme designed to assist organisations in facilitating the return of their employees from parental leave. Our programme aims to empower your employees to navigate this transition smoothly, ensuring they feel supported and equipped to excel upon their return.

RETURN is ideal for your organisation if you want to:

  • Support your employees in re-connecting with their professional identities and goals

  • Provide resources for working parents to evaluate their priorities and effectively manage their work-life balance

  • Ensure a seamless re-integration process that benefits both your employees and your organisation

  • Foster a culture that values and supports the personal and professional growth of working parents

Book a consultation to learn more about how RETURN can support your organisation in facilitating a successful return to work for your employees.

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Return is a coaching programme tailored for organisations seeking to support employees returning from parental leave and transitioning back into the workforce.

The coaching provided is customised to meet the unique needs of your team member, focusing on:

  • Defining priorities for employees returning from parental leave

  • Identifying and leveraging employees' skills and strengths to maximise their impact upon return

  • Addressing practical and psychological challenges associated with re-integrating into the workplace

  • Building a supportive network within your organisation to facilitate a smooth transition

  • Developing and implementing customised re-entry plans for returning employees

  • Optimising the use of Keep In Touch (KIT) days to ease the transition process

  • Cultivating confidence and self-belief among returning employees

  • Establishing effective boundaries and time management strategies to support work-life integration

Coaching fees 

3 sessions and 3 months of email support £900 (excluding VAT) 

For help requesting funding from your organisation please use the email template below. 


''Lizzie creates a warm and judgement free space where you feel comfortable to open up fully. I was having a challenging time setting guilt free boundaries and Lizzie helped me become more assertive – working with her has been a game changer.''

Mandy, Business Manager 

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