1-1 coaching for an empowered return to your job after maternity leave

50% of women have cited their return to work as a pinch point in their careers.

Are you a professional woman preparing to go back to your job after parental leave? Do you wish you had a roadmap for making a smooth and successful return to your workplace?


What if you knew you could: 

  • Weave together your personal and professional goals in a way that feels right to you

  • Create a plan for fulfilling your professional ambitions without having to sacrifice making memories with your family

  • Return to work with energy and impact

  • Minimize the disruption to your family life


RETURN is a four-part programme designed to help you envision and carry out a transition plan that will allow you to go back to work feeling empowered and able to hit the ground running.  


RETURN is for you if you want to:

  • Re-connect with your professional identity. 

  • Take the time you need to evaluate your priorities as a working parent. 

  • Navigate a smooth return that works well both for you and for your employer. 

  • Create a work-life that allows you to advance both your personal and professional goals

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In RETURN, you will receive four 90-minute coaching sessions - normally three before you go back to your job and one within your first month of returning.


The coaching relationship will be unique and bespoke for your individual needs, but you can expect your sessions to cover:

  • Defining your priorities as a new working parent

  • Understanding your skills and strengths and how they can increase your impact upon your return 

  • Navigating the practical and psychological challenges of your transition

  • Building a supportive network

  • Creating and implementing a bespoke re-entry plan 

  • Maximising use of your KIT days

  • Confidently articulating your full value

  • Setting effective boundaries and time management

  • Negotiating a work life integration that works for you

''Lizzie creates a warm and judgement free space where you feel comfortable to open up fully. I was having a challenging time setting guilt free boundaries and Lizzie helped me become more assertive – working with her has been a game changer.''

Mandy, Business Manager 


I don't have any time for myself (and can only meet in the evening or at weekends when I have childcare support or my baby is sleeping)

Finding time when you have a small dependent child can be hard which is why I have evening and weekend appointments available so that you can focus on yourself without any distractions. 

I can't afford to invest in coaching

I understand that price is an important consideration and coaching can appear expensive. ​What most of my clients find that the benefits of improving inner confidence and career happiness far outweigh the cost of a new suit or fancy meal.

I also offer 3 month payment plans to help spread the investment. 

Do I really need a coach or could I be ok on my own?

One of the greatest benefits of coaching is that you are able to achieve your goals faster and more confidently than going it alone. Most of my client talk about how important accountability is when navigating change. I also offer a safe space for you to fully explore what is the most important for you without any judgement. 

How does it work & what's the investment? 


We will meet for 4 x 90 minute coaching sessions, 3 before your return and one within your first month of returning

Total cost £498

Payment plans £166 spread over 3 months

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