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We partner with you to create effective solutions for retaining your returners

Whether they’re preparing for it, or have already started their leave, we can help your new and soon-to-be parents navigate change with 1-1 or group coaching.


At Work Life Mother, we don’t just coach women on maternity leave. We coach anyone entering parenthood.


We facilitate transitions into paternity, adoption and surrogacy leave – as well as the transitions back into work.


The result of our coaching? Confident and satisfied returners capable of delivering high-quality work without sacrificing wellbeing.

Why invest in coaching? Simple. Because the results are beneficial to the individual and to the organisation. It’s a win-win situation.

When you invest in parental transition coaching, you can:

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Helping new and expecting parents overcome barriers to work



Reduce unwanted turnover and save yourself money on rehiring (which costs £30,000 on average)

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Improve your female talent pipeline and tackle the gender pay gap by helping mothers stay in work and reach their career goals. 


Significantly increase employee engagement and business performance


Develop your competitive edge as an inclusive and forward-thinking employer who cares about their employees

1-1 coaching for returners

Returners face both practical and psychological challenges when they re-enter the workforce.

Through providing 1-1 coaching, we’ll help your employees manage their new life and the challenges that arise.

Our 1-1 coaching aims to:

• Rebuild your returners’ confidence, empowering them to gradually transition back into work and perform at their established level

• Help your returners’ cope with and manage change, preventing overwhelm and burnout with impactful strategies

• Improve your returners’ personal effectiveness and efficiency, reducing interruptions to their working flow and rhythm

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Group Coaching​

Inspire an open and inclusive culture that benefits everyone.

Our collaborative coaching sessions can be delivered to a full cohort in one go, or as drop-in sessions for up to 12 employees. We adopt an approach that fits your requirements and desired outcomes.


Our group coaching introduces your employees to the key stages of parental leave with 3 extensive workshops. These are:

Preparing for parental leave: Packed with practical steps and advice, so your parental leavers know exactly what to do moving forward


Empowered returns: Explores how returning employees can create empowered and successful returns with ease


Future focus: Using our signature framework, we draw your returners’ attention to the future of their career, helping them apply the groundwork to achieve their future goals and ambitions

Why group coaching?

Group coaching creates a safe and collaborative space for people to share their lived experiences, leading to insightful discussions around parenting and fresh solutions. A group approach inspires the growth of a culture built on understanding and empathy.


Want to create a culture that powers up your whole team and secures your current talent?

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Your next steps


Book a call to discuss your needs


We will send you a detailed proposal


Implement returners coaching programme

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