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Empowering parents and setting them up for success through parental leave and their return to work


Whether they’re preparing for it, or have already started their leave, we can help your new and soon-to-be parents navigate change with 1-1 or group coaching.


At WLM, we don’t just coach women on maternity leave. We coach anyone entering parenthood.


We facilitate transitions into paternity, adoption and surrogacy leave – as well as the transitions back into work.


The result of our coaching? Confident and satisfied returners capable of delivering high-quality work without sacrificing wellbeing.

Why invest in coaching? Simple. Because the results are beneficial to the individual and to the organisation. It’s a win-win situation.

When you invest in parental transition coaching, you can:

We partner with you to create effective solutions for retaining your returners


Improve employee retention and save money on rehiring (which costs £30,000 on average). 

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Invest in your female talent pipeline and tackle the gender pay gap by helping women and parents stay in work and reach their career goals. 


Significantly increase employee engagement and performance as employees learn strategies to efficiently handle their roles. 


Contribute to positive employer branding by showcasing your  commitment to work-life balance and family friendly workplace. 


1-1 parental transition coaching 

Parental transition coaching is a specialised form of coaching that provides support to individuals as they navigate the significant life changes and challenges that arise when becoming parents while maintaining a fulfilling career.


It focuses on offering guidance, strategies, and tools to help new or expectant parents effectively manage their professional responsibilities while prioritising their well-being, family dynamics, and personal growth.


Parental transition coaching aims to empower parents to find a healthy balance, make informed decisions, enhance their skills, and thrive both personally and professionally during this transformative phase of life.

one-to-one programmes


5 coaching sessions spaced out before, during and after parental leave. Supporting your employees with tailored support throughout their whole parental leave transition. 

From £1250


3 coaching sessions focussed on strengthening the return period for your employees coming back after leave. 

Help your new parents return to their job calm, confident, focussed.

From £900


6 month leadership coaching programme for working parents in their first years back from parental leave. Includes DiSC personality assessment tool. Ideal for developing working parent role models. 

From £1800

As I result of the programme I now have the confidence to grow both
professionally and personally.

Lauren, Return Programme

Working at home

Group Coaching Programmes


Ideal for larger organisations that have 6-10 employees navigating parental leave each quarter, the group coaching programme is a great way to foster connection and community as your soon to be parents navigate leaving for and returning from parental leave. 


Ideal for smaller organisations with a low number of returning employees each quarter. Launchpad is a 3 month open group programme blending content, coaching and community to bring your employees back to work calm, focussed and ready to hit the ground running.  

Bespoke Group Coaching​

For larger organisations group parental transition coaching is a cost effective way to support employees as they navigate the transition to parenthood while managing their careers.


This programme offers a unique opportunity for expectant or new parents to join a supportive group setting facilitated by experienced coaches.


Through interactive sessions, participants will gain practical strategies, emotional support, and guidance to effectively manage the challenges of parental leave alongside their professional responsibilities.


Group parental transition coaching promotes work-life balance, reduces stress, and enhances overall well-being, ensuring a smooth and successful transition for employees during this critical life stage.


By investing in this programme, your organisation can demonstrate its commitment to supporting employees' personal and professional growth, fostering a positive and inclusive work environment.

Our group coaching supports your employees through the stages of parental leave at three key transition milestones:

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Preparing for parental leave session:

Packed with practical steps and advice, so your parental leavers know exactly what to do moving forward


Empowered returns session:

Explores how returning employees can create empowered and successful returns with ease


Future focus session:

Using our signature framework, we draw the participant's attention to the future of their career, helping them apply the groundwork to achieve their future goals and ambitions

Why group coaching?

By participating in group coaching for parental transition, individuals can benefit from shared experiences, diverse perspectives, peer support, learning opportunities, accountability, motivation, and cost-effectiveness. It creates a dynamic and supportive environment that enhances their transition to parenthood and empowers them to navigate the challenges with confidence.

How does it work & what's the investment? 

Group coaching programmes include 3 x 90 minute sessions for up to 10 participants. 

Programmes start from £3000 (excluding VAT) 

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