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Giving managers the keys to improve returning employee retention and wellbeing. 


When parents return from parental leave, what strategies and solutions do your leaders employ to support them?


Although becoming a parent is a common human experience, it’s life-changing and capable of causing overwhelm at work.

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Struggling returners can (and do) leave work when balance isn’t possible, impacting employee retention and driving up the probability of disruption to the wider team.


This costs you time and money. We can help.

Leaders shape the returner experience. We'll show them how to create the right experience.

Using practical and scenario-based training, we show leaders how to engage returners and accommodate their needs with complete confidence.


The Retaining Your Returners® leadership training will teach your leaders to:

Use and master the best practices to support talent retention (and to draw in new talent to the organisation)

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Understand what the psychological and physical transition into parenthood looks like and involves

Improve the returner experience and enable returners to excel in their position

Get comfortable using their new leadership tools and skills to produce desired results in their respective departments

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Illuminating group sessions: ideal for large groups and team conferences

Time commitment: 2 hours


Build your team’s awareness of the challenges returners face, while giving them actionable tools and skills to assist returners at work.


These sessions help you embed a positive and inclusive company culture, elevating your position as an employer of choice and demonstrating your commitment to employee wellbeing.


From £1400 (excludes VAT)

Comprehensive in-person training: perfect for smaller groups and senior leadership team strategy days

Time commitment: 1 full day


Equip your managers with the strategies and knowledge to influence returner talent retention and employee satisfaction.


Leaders will learn to execute tried and tested solutions to help parents achieve and grow at work.


From £2800 (excludes VAT)

Want to find out more about how we can upskill your leaders and mend low retention rates? Get in touch here. 


Lizzie is an absolute joy to work with and has exceptional expertise in leadership and development. Throughout the webinar Lizzie shared insights about the challenges that new parents face in the workplace and discussed practical tips on how organisations and employers can best support more inclusive workplaces.

Zakiya, The Equal Group Webinar

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