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Accredited Professional Leadership Coach and Mentor


Hello, I'm Lizzie Martin,


And when I founded Work Life Mother I was a team of one focussing mainly on coaching women back to work after maternity leave or helping them find a new job after an extended break (some up to 14 years! think of all that untapped potential)

After a while I realised that there was a more efficient way of supporting new parents in the workplace, a more proactive approach, and that was to provide returner coaching to support your employee before they leave to have their baby. This way common pitfalls can be avoided and their transition can be a smoother more positive one as challenges and obstacles are prepared for, rather than fixed when it is too late. 

I believe that all individuals accessing coaching should have a choice of who they work with as this improves psychological safety and their engagement with you. Which is why I work with a small number of experienced associate coaches to provide a better experience for all of your employees. 

I am on a mission to change the narrative that you have to pick between being a parent or having a successful career.

Are you ready to be part of the change?

Work Life Mother
Lizzie Martin
Mother Working from Home

My mission is to make the return to work better 


Only 1 in 5 women felt confident on their return to work (People management 2018)

60% of mothers have changed jobs after maternity leave (Women In The City) and over 30of dads (Daddilife)


The average cost of replacing an employee is £30,000 (Oxford Economics)

Engaged employees are 17% more productive (Gallup)


Career progression is the number 1 priority for millennials when attracted to an employer (PWC)


My coaching style is a unique blend of life, career and leadership coaching and as an Accredited Professional Coach with the ICF I adhere to their code of Ethics

I have 10 years of senior retail leadership experience managing retail units and leading large teams of up to 300 for John Lewis and Partners. I also have experience of leading senior leaders through change programmes as a leadership coach.


My keys skills include executive coaching, leadership, facilitation, coach training and mentoring. I have held my professional coaching accreditation since 2019 and am also an established ICF coach mentor. 

As an experienced professional coach and coach trainer I also bring my knowledge to support line managers develop the skills to be brilliant leaders. It is often when the relationship between team member and line manager breaks down that unwanted attrition occurs which is where training for leaders can prevent these common pitfalls.


If you are looking to become a certified coach so that you can advance your leadership skills you can find out more here


''Lizzie creates a warm and judgement free space where you feel comfortable to open up fully. I was having a challenging time setting guilt free boundaries and Lizzie helped me become more assertive – working with her has been a game changer.''

Mandy, Business Manager