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meet the team and explore our unique coaching framework


Led by the founder Lizzie Martin, we are a team of ICF-accredited coaches with expertise in helping individuals and organisations unlock and meet their potential.


As coaches, we’re all trained to either ACC or PCC level and have lived experience as parents – meaning, we get it.


The combination of our experience as parents with our accredited training allow us to facilitate true and powerful change for returners and organisations.


Our approach is born from a position of understanding, comprehensive knowledge, and a commitment to achieving real and measurable results for businesses and working parents.

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I am on a mission to change the narrative that you have to pick between being a parent or having a successful career

Lizzie Martin, Founder, Work Life Mother

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Jennifer Mccanna

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ICF PCC professional transition coach

Rebecca Daniel

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ICF ACC professional transition coach

Dr Helen Johnson

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ICF PCC professional transition coach

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Meet The Team

About your returners


What will employees on parental leave deal with on their return? What will their challenges look like?


Telling the returner story in numbers:


  • Only 1 in 5 women felt confident on their return to work (People management 2018)

  • 60 percent of mothers have changed jobs after maternity leave (Women In The City) and over 30 percent of dads (Daddilife)

  • Engaged employees are 17 percent more productive (Gallup)

  • Career progression is the number 1 priority for millennials when attracted to an employer (PWC)

  • 70 percent of women who have experienced career disruptions as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic are concerned their growth may be limited as a result (Deloitte)

Our Coaching Framework:​

Our 3 Cs framework is crucial to creating empowered returns.

When employees are satisfied with their career, confidence and connection, they have the ideal conditions for a successful and comfortable return to work.

Lizzie Martin, Founder, Work Life Mother

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Explaining the 3 Cs


To inspire positive transitions and to help you hold onto your talent, it’s important your returner has:


1. A meaningful career that utilises their strengths, encourages progression and supports their lives as parents


2. Connection with their team, developed through continuous communication, reassurance they are valued and a strong sense of belonging


3. The confidence to ask for what they need and show up as their authentic selves - feeling psychologically safe at all times


Deficiencies in any of these vital areas increase the chances of your returner leaving their position.


We can help you mitigate this risk. With our support, your skilled returners can experience greater loyalty and renewed motivation.

why choose us?

We partner with you to create effective solutions for retaining your returning talent

We devise unique and customisable coaching plans for your organisation

We’re accredited and highly knowledgeable, with experience helping global companies

We’re agile and responsive – just a phone call or email away

We’re accessible and capable of adapting to change in a dynamic world of business

Do we sound like the right partners for you?


Let’s begin a conversation about parental transitions and talent retention.


''Lizzie creates a warm and judgement free space where you feel comfortable to open up fully. I was having a challenging time setting guilt free boundaries and Lizzie helped me become more assertive – working with her has been a game changer.''

Mandy, Business Manager

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