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1-1 leadership coaching for working mothers

Is your organisation committed to supporting the professional growth and development of working mothers within your workforce?

Are you seeking to empower ambitious, high-achieving women who are returning from a period of leave to rebuild their career trajectories and excel in leadership roles?

Do you recognise the challenges these women face in balancing parenthood with demanding leadership responsibilities, and do you want to provide them with the necessary support to thrive?

Would you like to invest in coaching programmes that help your female employees overcome confidence issues, enhance their interpersonal skills, and make bold, intentional decisions in the workplace?

THRIVE offers a solution—a 6 or 12-month leadership coaching programme specifically designed for professional women in their first years back from extended leave, tailored to meet the needs of your organisation and sponsored by you.

What are the outcomes you can expect from sponsoring THRIVE for your employees?

  • Clarity and confidence in their unique personal leadership brands

  • Enhanced business relationships and interpersonal skills among your female workforce

  • Increased confidence and capability to navigate conflict and change effectively

  • Greater influence and impact in meetings, leading to improved team dynamics

  • Effective work-life balance, resulting in better personal effectiveness and wellbeing for your employees

Participants of THRIVE, will benefit from 1-1 coaching sessions, DISC personality profile assessments, and tailored resources to support their professional growth and development. 
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Invest in the success of your female workforce with THRIVE:

  • 6 months: £1800 (monthly sessions with email support and tailored resources)

  • 12 months: £3000 (monthly sessions with email support and tailored resources)

Contact us today to discuss how sponsoring THRIVE can benefit your organisation and support the career progression of your female employees.

Before meeting Lizzie I was on an intense hamster wheel, swamped by an increase in responsibilities. I was trying to do it all: hold down an important job, be a present mother and wife, as well as find time for my health and wellbeing.


Lizzie helped me identify the root problem and create new habits that would support me to thrive. I have made simple but significant changes and am no longer constantly exhausted, I delegate better at work and I didn't have to drop down to 4 days.


Cara, Communications Director


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