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Launching Oct 2023. Online Course.

Parental leave pathway

Successfully navigate family leave while keeping your career on track.

Are you excited about the arrival of your little one, but worried about the impact it might have on your career? Do you want to maintain your professional trajectory while enjoying precious moments with your newborn? Look no further, our Parental Leave Pathway online course is here to guide you towards a successful balance.

Your career deserves a smooth transition.


Parental leave doesn't have to be a career roadblock. In fact, it can be an opportunity to strengthen your professional skills and maintain your career trajectory. This comprehensive online course is designed to empower you with the knowledge, strategies, and confidence needed to:


  • Successfully navigate parental leave while keeping your career on track.

  • Maintain your professional network and visibility.

  • Return to work seamlessly, with confidence and purpose.

Audio guides

Expert-led, flexible, and informative.


Keep you organised and motivated.

Coaching tools

 Self-assessment and goal-setting resources.

Lifetime access

Learn at your pace, anytime.


Adapt the course to your unique needs.

Register your interest today

Register your interest today for full course launch details and ​ be top of the list to gain access to the course for £47 (usual price £127). 

''Your secret weapon to keeping your career on track during a life changing event. ''

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What you'll learn

🔸 Strategic planning: Craft a personalised career plan for your parental leave and beyond.

🔸 Networking and visibility: Stay connected to your industry and colleagues during your leave.

🔸 Wellbeing: set and maintain effective boundaries to avoid stress ensure a healthy resilient mindset.

🔸 Confidence: develop the courage to advocate for your career goals.

🔸 Time management: Master time saving techniques to sustainably integrate family and career commitments.

Invest in your future, your family and your career.

''Fluff free practical support that's helped increase my confidence and guide me through asking for what I need to thrive as a new mum. ''

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