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Expert sessions to engage, inspire and cultivate your inclusive family friendly culture. 

Are you ready to take your organisation's commitment to supporting working parents to the next level?


Look no further! We can provide you with a dynamic speaker to inspire, educate, and empower your team towards building family-inclusive workplaces and ensuring a smooth transition for returning parents from parental leave. 

Why choose our speakers?

Our experienced speakers are passionate advocates for fostering family-friendly cultures within workplaces. They bring a wealth of knowledge, practical strategies, and authentic stories to the stage, leaving your employees motivated and equipped to make a positive impact.

Here's what sets our speakers apart:

  • Expertise: Our speakers are industry experts with in-depth knowledge of family-inclusive policies, flexible work arrangements, and best practices for supporting returning parents.

  • Relatability: They share personal experiences that resonate with your audience, creating a genuine connection that leaves a lasting impression.

  • Inspiring content: Our presentations are carefully crafted to spark enthusiasm and inspire positive change within your organisation.

  • Interactive sessions: Engaging workshops and Q&A sessions ensure that your team gains valuable insights and effective takeaways.

  • Actionable: Our speakers provide practical actionable steps that participants can implement for immediate impact.

Topics for your next lunch and learn, training masterclass or keynote:

Choose from an array of thought provoking topics that can be tailored to suit your organisation's specific needs or partner with us to design something bespoke:

Working parent example sessions include:

"How to make work, work as a working parent"

- Deloitte, balance employee resource group

"Setting effective boundaries as a working parent"

- Patrizia SE, working parents network

''Managing the juggle: tools to regain calm and control as a working parent.''

- Ballys, working parents keynote

''Managing parental guilt: causes, characteristics and coping mechanisms.''

- Patrizia SE, mental health awareness week keynote

''Setting yourself up for success: wellbeing for working parents.''

- The Dorchester, working parents network

''Redesigning your career after parental leave. ''

- Careershifters, expert masterclass

Empowering manager example sessions include:

"Supporting returning parents: navigating the transition back to work.''

- HSBC, manager workshop. 

"Retaining your returners: supporting returning parents.''

- Google, senior leadership team training.  

''Creating an equitable culture where women can thrive.''

- Flexpo Live, panel discussion. 

''Becoming a better ally at work.''

- GlobalData Plc, International Women's Day keynote. 

''Managing family leave: supporting returning parents with empathy'.'

- The British Library, line manager masterclass. 

"Lizzie brought a fresh perspective to our team, highlighting the importance of supporting parents at every stage of their journey. Her insights and practical tips have had an immediate impact on our approach to work-life balance."

Dates for your diary:


- National work life week


- International women's day


- Stress awareness month 


- Mothers day

- Mental health awareness week 


- Fathers day 

- Carers week 

- World wellbeing week


- World breastfeeding week


- Back to school season

- National inclusion week


- National work and family month 

- National adoption week 

- Baby loss awareness week

- Pregnancy and infant loss remembrance day

- World mental health day 


- Trans parent day 

- International men's day

- Men's health month 

Take the first step towards cultivating a family-inclusive workplace and promoting a supportive environment for returning parents. Contact us now to book one of our speakers for your next event or workshop.

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