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Working from Home

Improve your ICF coaching skills
and take your coaching to the next level

Are you an established coach looking for mentor coaching to improve your ICF coaching capability?

Have you been coaching for a while and now want to ensure you are meeting up to date ICF industry standards including 10 mentor coaching hours?

Business Consultation
Business Consultation

Take your coaching skills to the next level with ICF mentor coaching

Mentor coaching is a collaborative learning practice to continually build your capability as a coach through reflective dialogue. 

Together we will focus on your development as a coach and your capacity through structured support and development.


I provide a safe environment for you, as the coach, to share your successes and failures so you can advance and develop the way you work with your clients.

Mentor Coaching benefits you as the coach in these main ways:

  • Increased self-awareness

  • Greater confidence

  • Increased objectivity

  • Heightened sense of belonging

  • Reduced feelings of isolation

  • Increased resourcefulness

Mentor Coach sessions with me start from £400 (plus VAT) for 4 sessions over 3 months

For a bundle of 10 sessions towards your ICF accreditation you will receive a discount of 10% and investment is £900 (plus VAT)

Group mentor coaching also available on request. 

For more information book a call with me today 

kind words
Michelle Gaulthier
ICF accredited
life coach

''My time with Lizzie was a great contributing factor to setting up my own business that I have been striving for. She helped me gain confidence, clarity, and find skills I never realized I had.''

Andie Coller
ICF accredited
business coach

"Working with Lizzie was fantastic - it was exactly what I needed to take my skills to the next level. Her mentorship really helped me develop my own style and confidence as a coach.”

Rob Mullins
ICF accredited leadership coach

''I was fortunate to benefit from Lizzie's amazing mentorship as I began my own journey in the coaching world and am proud to say my coaching client list is growing at a tremendous rate.''

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