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1-1 coaching to support your valuable talent throughout their whole parental transition

Do you have team members who are embarking on the journey of parenthood? Are you seeking ways to enhance their employee experience and ensure a seamless return to work afterward?

As you prepare for the transition of your team members into parenthood, ensuring their well-being and professional growth is essential. While you have a robust parental leave policy in place, ensuring that your employees feel supported and valued throughout this significant life event is crucial.

Imagine if you could:

  • Support your employees in pursuing their professional goals while creating cherished memories with their families.

  • Empower your employees to confidently reintegrate into the workforce and continue their career progression upon their return.

  • Minimise disruptions to both their family life and their contributions to your organization.


Our Transition Programme is designed to provide tailored support to your team members throughout each milestone of their parental leave journey.

The Transition Programme helps your employees:

  • Navigate the emotional and logistical challenges of preparing for parental leave.

  • Create a comprehensive plan for managing workload and responsibilities before, during, and after parental leave.

  • Optimise the use of Keep In Touch (KIT) days to ease the transition process.

  • Cultivate confidence and self-belief. 

  • Establish effective boundaries and time management strategies to support work-life integration.

  • Stay connected and feel part of the team while on leave with their baby.

Father and Daughter

Transition is a programme consisting of 5 coaching sessions structured as follows:

  • Pre-Leave: 2 sessions

  • During Leave: 1 session

  • Returning From Leave: 2 sessions

Transition programme investment

5 sessions with an ICF qualified coach £1250 (excluding VAT) 

Empower your employees to navigate the challenges of parenthood with confidence and support.


Book a call with us today to learn more about how our Transition Programme can benefit your team.


''Lizzie creates a warm and judgement free space where you feel comfortable to open up fully. I was having a challenging time setting guilt free boundaries and Lizzie helped me become more assertive – working with her has been a game changer.''

Mandy, Business Manager 

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