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Accelerating the re-integration and performance of new hires returning from extended career breaks

76% of professional women on career breaks want to return to work - PWC 

We recognise that the process of onboarding individuals back into the workplace after an extended break can present unique challenges for both the returning employees and the organisation as a whole.


As your trusted coaching partner, we are here to provide comprehensive support to facilitate a seamless transition and ensure a successful reintegration of these valuable team members.


Our tailored coaching programme focuses on empowering individuals to navigate this critical phase with confidence, regain their professional momentum, and contribute to the continued success of your organisation.


With our expertise in onboarding strategies, we are committed to helping you unlock the full potential of your returning workforce.

Women Colleagues

Support your returning talent and de-risk the likelihood of early attrition with our sophisticated re-onboarding coaching programme which covers:

Personalised assessment: Each participant undergoes an
assessment to understand their unique strengths, skills, and areas for development. This enables us to create a tailored coaching plan that addresses their specific needs.

Transition planning: We assist new hires in creating a well-defined
transition plan that outlines their goals, timelines, and milestones
for their first three months in role. 

Confidence building: Our coaching programme focuses on boosting participants' confidence and self-belief, helping them rediscover their professional identity and align it with their personal aspirations.

Skill enhancement: We provide targeted coaching to enhance key skills relevant to their roles. 

Coping mechanisms and stress management: We equip participants with effective coping mechanisms to handle the challenges and stress associated with transitioning back into the workforce. 

Relationship building: We guide participants in cultivating new connections, leveraging existing contacts, and navigating workplace dynamics to foster fruitful relationships.

Personal branding and career development: We help participants
identify their unique value proposition and develop a compelling
personal brand. 

Ongoing support and accountability: Our coaching programme includes regular check-ins and support sessions to ensure continuous progress and address any challenges that arise. 

By incorporating these key elements into our onboarding coaching programme, we ensure that new hires returning from career breaks receive comprehensive support, empowering them to navigate their re-entry with confidence, competence, and resilience.


''Lizzie’s ability to think outside the box and ask powerful questions makes her such an incredible coach. She has been an integral part of my growth and success as I step into a new role.''

Ashley, Executive assistant

Onboarding programme

How does it work & what's the investment? 

The coaching programme is designed to help new hires integrate and accelerate during their first 3 months in role. 

We meet every other week for a 60 minute coaching session which is held virtually or in person. 

Tri-partite coaching sessions where their sponsor is also involved can be incorporated in the programme structure. 

Investment from £2300 (excluding VAT) 

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