Lizzie Martin - Founder of Work Life Mother

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

More about my work WHY and the reason I left my well paid corporate role for a more uncertain future


“ not all career paths have to follow a straightforward trajectory and that by making brave decisions it is possible to create a more fulfilling work life ” - Lizzie Martin

Who am I?

I am Lizzie – an accredited coach and mentor. I am passionate about helping women navigate their next career transition, with clarity and confidence, so that they achieve a more fulfilling work life. I work with women who are in search of a career which fits with their responsibilities as a parent alongside their professional ambitions.

My Story

Before founding work life mother I was a respected senior leader in a safe and secure corporate role. But after the birth of my firstborn, I experienced a shift. A shift in my work values and life priorities. Work flexibility, my need be present for my daughter, to be connected with her for more than just the morning and evening routine - slapped me around the face. It was a clear wake up call. I needed to carve a new direction if I wanted to remain true to myself and my core values.