The three critical ingredients your employees really want from their work

If you were going to ask yourself today to explain what motivates people at work, beyond the basics, what would it look like? Perhaps an image of Maslow's hierarchy of needs is cropping up for you?

Knowing what your people are motivated by is important - not only so that they have a brilliant employee experience and enjoy their place of work, but for you to ensure that you are attracting and retaining your best talent, avoiding expensive attrition costs and positioning yourself with competitive advantage.

So what really matters to your employees?

A Harvard Business Review explains that it boils down to the three C's: Career, Community and Cause.

Career, Community and Cause make up what is known as ‘the psychological contract’ and they must be present if you want to keep hold of your people.

Let's have a look at what each one means for your employees:

1 - Career